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About Brenda:

Cellist, song writer, poet and Inter-disciplinary artist Brenda Muller is known for her creativity, musicality and innovation. Good Life Magazine called her “Music’s Shape Changer” and indeed she is known most of all for creating new forms and modes of expression in her roles as composer, writer, or cellist. She has released 6 recordings with her trio, Ardeleana, including a CD of original cabaret songs, Wolf At My Door, and the first CD to feature music by Canadian Women – Spinners of Starlight. She is the director and founder of a unique inter-generational festival, the Blue Bridge Festival, that features both poetry and music intricatly woven to develop an authentic voice for the community. As Artistic Director of Ardeleana, a registered charity working in the Cultural Sector for 26 years, Brenda champions the cause of New Canadian Music by women and young people. She also serves on the board of the Association of Canadian Women Composers.

Brenda is fascinated by the creative process in people of all ages, and derives great inspiration from her experience as an educator. Brenda fosters deep musicality and authentic self-expression in her students, teaching them the basics of quartet playing, composition and improvisation from the beginning. Her students achieve astonishing heights, performing major classical repertoire and winning many awards.As a composer and song writer Brenda has developed several unique forms. She invented the form known as the “Story Opera” – an inter-arts form that delights children of all ages. For those curious, visit Jonathon's Storm. Her CD features songs and lyrics written in many genres. She is currently working on her third story opera, Wolf Cry Night, in honour of her new home town, Parry Sound.



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