Cello Lessons

Students of All Ages are Welcome! 

Come and experience the fun of playing a string instrument. I enjoy sharing my love of music with students of all levels of experience - so don't be shy!  

Student Testimonials

"I am proud to say I am a student of Ms. Muller. Over the past 5 years, I learned more than how to play an instrument. I learned musicianship, gained wonderful performance opportunities and experiences, and had tons of fun making music a part of my life.
David Liu, violinist, university student
I've learned cello with Ms. Muller for 4 years, and through her unique teaching style, I've learned more than I could ever imagine. What I love about her teaching style is that she often gets students to understand and develop a musical sense, before progressing with technicality, and this is a much more effective way to build true musicianship.
Ms. Muller would often go out of her way to help her students learn and develop as musicians. I've learned cello from her for 4 years and she has help me make music a crucial part of my life.
Jeffrey Zhang, cellist, university student

“An encouraging and loving teacher, she gave me opportunities to grow into a musician”
Ryan Ip, professional musician – violinist, composer, teacher, M.A. Music - Theory & Conp. , Western
Ms. Muller is an experienced and passionate teacher that engages students in a way that will make them want to keep coming back for more lessons
Leo Yeung, violinist, university student

Ages 4-7

Private instruction:

In early childhood I provide music lessons that provide training in the basic elements of music, while maintaining a playful, open environment. The course is designed to develop your child’s musical imagination. I combine techniques of Kodaly and Suzuki, and an inter-arts approach (I include paint-to-music exercises, rhythm games etc.) to create an individualised programme for each child. The basics of reading music, hearing intervals and understanding rhythm are covered as students learn to coordinate what they hear with sounds on an instrument.

Group Classes:

Enrollment permitting, group and family classes will help to consolidate individual learning. Children’s songs, games and drama will be part of these inspiring classes. Please check the calendar for start dates of early childhood Make the Music Classes.

Ages 8 -12

Private instruction:

Private lessons focusing on how to play the cello are combined with an emphasis on exploration of sound and creating your own music. Students may choose RCM or Suzuki materials, or simply chose to follow their own interests. Developing and exploring a healthy creative process is of paramount importance at this age.

Group Classes:

Small Group classes will introduce intermediate students to the fundamentals of string playing in an orchestra. They will encourage students to develop their musical imagination through listening and writing their own music. Please check the online calendar for start dates.

Ages 13 – 94

Private instruction:

The focus for older students is primarily on private lessons and chamber music. Lessons may be as informal or as formal as the student wishes. Fundamentals, performances, and concerts are all part of the programme, although no one is required to participate in an event until they feel ready.

Students will have a chance to explore their own creativity through music as well as gain proficiency on their instrument.

Students may choose RCM or Suzuki materials, or simply choose to follow their own interests.

Group Lessons:

As many opportunities as possible will be provided to play with other people and to play in ensembles. My hope is to establish a local amateur orchestra for those who just simply love to play music.