Group Lessons

There is nothing like playing in your own string quartet. THE Quartet was just one of numerous award winning quartets coached and taught by Brenda Muller.

Beginning String Classes 

New classes start on Sept. 26!

Two locations: Whispering River Music Studio and Wasauksing United Church (scroll down)

All ages welcome. 
Basic Instruction in Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

  • Class size limited to 15
  • ​Includes basic musicianship training
  • No experience necessary
  • You will learn to read music or improve your skills if you already do. 
  • PLEASE remember to call to arrange an instrument if you do not have one. Instruments are available for a minimal rental rate


  • Wednesday evenings 7pm – 8:15 pm @ Whispering River Music Studio, 10 minutes from Parry Sound. 
  • $35 for 6 75 minute small group lessons.
  • Price does not include rental of instrument or music. Rental is available at reasonable rates. Rates depend on your choice of instrument.
  • Enroll for the entire year (all four levels) by Nov. 5, 2014: $120 (save $20!)
  • Come and have fun learning to play a string instrument!

Level I
Nov. 5 - Dec. 10

This recreational and informative class is tailored to fit those who come. We will learn to improvise, but we will also learn the basics of reading music. We will learn how to hold a bow, how to play two one octave scales (Don’t worry, we will learn what an octave is!) and some simple tunes and harmonies.  By the end you will be able to play some simple Christmas music. 

Level II
Jan. 7 - Feb 11

We will continue our study of basic technique, reading and have fun playing simple tunes and concert pieces. You will be amazed at what you can do. You will be able to write/improvise a very simple melody and maybe be inspired to write your own song! 

Level III and Level IV
Level IIII Feb  25 – April 1, class concert/party April 7, 2015   Level IV- April 14 - May 20,  Year End  House Concert May 23 

Learn to play arrangements of classics by the masters, basic fiddling tunes, contemporary level-appropriate string works, and to do simple improvisations. The sky is the limit! Let’s see where we can go together, and put on a year-end recital.


Classes held twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays 
4pm - 5:15pm @ Wasuaksing United Church, Parry Island
$70 for 8 x 75 minute classes

Enroll for the entire year and all four levels $250.  Please note this course includes 8 classes a level instead of 6. 
* Price does not include rental of instrument or music.  Rental is available at reasonable rates. Prices depend on your choice of instrument. 

Level 1
Nov. 18 until Dec. 11

This class is designed to teach the basics of playing a string instrument, and how to play some simple seasonal music in time for Christmas. You will learn how to hold a bow, how to read music, and two basic scales. You will also learn Jingle Bells and Jolly Old St. Nicholas as well as some all time beginning string favourites.

Level II 
Jan 6 - 29
This class continues teaching extend the range of what you can play. You will learn some simple concert pieces and  how to create your own music. You will be able to play with other people in harmony and enjoy some music by great composers! 

Level III
Feb. 2- 27
This class will extend the number of keys you can play in, and teach you how to play more complex music. YOu will learn to play expressively and write down music. You will begin to play longer songs, and to understand the concepts behind playing in positions and in small ensembles. . You will begin composing and learn how to jam with your favourite song in time for Valentine's Day! 

Level IV
March 3 -27 - depending on March Break availablitiy for students. Be prepared for the class to extend into the first week of April. 

This class introduces the concepts of shifting and and the art of ensemble playing. You will continue to write music and learn to improvise and jam with simple melodies. By the end of this class you will be comfortable playing music in a small string orchestra and have a few songs to play all by yourself. CONGRATULATIONS - you will have learned a lot! Welcome to the world of strings.  we will join the Whispering River class for a year end recital.